Clubhouse Weekly Meeting


10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Rex Hardaker Oval
Rex Hardaker Lane , Toormina, New South Wales, 2452, Coffs Harbour

Event Type

Clubhouse entry currently restricted to members-only, but social-distancing friends may gather with members outside.

Door entry fee: $3.00 … for tea, coffee, biscuits.

Location: Rex Hardaker Oval on Hogbin Drive [south], Toormina.

COVID-19 Considerations:

  • Members over 65 years of age are more vulnerable to the virus and should consider self-isolating at this time. Most of our members are over that age.
  • Members are required to socially distance, and follow all advisory signs.
  • At this time only 17 members are able to enter the clubhouse at any one time. Other members and friends may elect to congregate outside while maintaining social distancing.
  • The clubhouse is required to be fully sanitised, including the building, tables and chairs prior to and after any member/friend enters and moves around the building. This job will be completed by committee members.
  • Light snacks, coffee, tea, milk, and sugar will, as usual, be supplied by the club but now presented in separate sanitised packs.
  • Members much bring their own new cups. Cups held at the club will be locked away and must be removed from the club.
  • Any items for sale or display and new cups must be sanitised by the owner prior to entering the clubhouse.
  • All members must sign and complete a COVID-19 form and the membership book on entering the building.