Welcome to Coffs Harbour & District Amateur Radio Club (CHADARC), catering to radio and associated electronics enthusiasts on the NSW Mid North Coast — from Kempsey in the south to Woolgoolga in the north.

CHADARC members experiment with radio equipment and associated antenna systems. Most are licensed amateur operators.

CHADARC has an an official ACMA callsign VK2EP, used for club nets and club event broadcasting. Listen for us on air and please don’t hesitate to request an electronic confirmation (eQSL).

CHADARC is also open to persons generally interested in radio and electronics, such as shortwave listeners and Citizen’s Band (CB) radio users.

We are a friendly bunch, and encourage you to come along to our regular meetings or special events.

Please note that at this time only MEMBERS can enter our clubhouse  at weekly meetings. Current health orders stipulate that members must also be double-vaccinated against COVID to gain entry to the club.

We are also still subject to some restrictions due to COVID-19.

Weekly Club Meetings

Thursday mornings, 10:00 till 14:00, currently double-vaccinated members only.

Door entry fee: $3.00  … for tea, coffee, biscuits.

Held at our clubhouse at the Rex Hardaker Oval on Hogbin Drive [south], Toormina.

COVID-19 Considerations:

  1. Members over 65 years of age are more vulnerable to the virus and should consider self-isolating at this time. Most of our members are over that age.
  2. Members are required to socially distance, and follow all advisory signs.
  3. At this time only 17 members are able to enter the clubhouse at any one time. Other members and friends may elect to congregate outside while maintaining social distancing.
  4. The clubhouse is required to be fully sanitised, including the building, tables and chairs prior to and after any member/friend enters and moves around the building. This job will be completed by committee members.
  5. Light snacks, coffee, tea, milk, and sugar will, as usual, be supplied by the club but now presented in separate sanitised packs.
  6. Members much bring their own new cups. Cups held at the club will be locked away and must be removed from the club.
  7. Any items for sale or display and new cups must be sanitised by the owner prior to entering the clubhouse.
  8. All members must sign and complete a COVID-19 form and the membership book on entering the building.

For more information about any particular up-coming meeting please use our event calendar.